What is another word for dry?

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[ d_ɹ_ˈaɪ], [ dɹˈa͡ɪ], [ dɹˈa‍ɪ]

Synonyms for Dry:

ascetic (adjective) boring (adjective) dry (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) sere (adjective) severe (adjective) sober (adjective) unimaginative (adjective) witty (adjective) abstainer (noun) dry (verb) absorbent eastern poison oak Other synonyms: soak up

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Rhymes for Dry:

  1. rye, fly, bligh, buy, sty, pry, lie, sly, pie, sky, vie, wy, ai, ply, spry, cry, bye, eye, thigh, by, sigh, dye, kwai, high, wry, try, fry, why, die, thai, spy, aye, lxi, pi, mei, ay, tie, vi, bi, frye, tai, guy, nigh, hi, shy, psi;
  2. nearby, decry, good-bye, shanghai, bye-bye, untie, goodbye, supply, comply, belie, retry, imply, reply, deny, hi-fi, ally, defy, brunei, awry, hereby, descry, rely, standby, apply;
  3. overfly, misapply;
  4. oversupply;

Quotes for Dry:

  1. To underestimate one's thirst, to pass a given landmark to the right or left, to find a dry spring where one looked for running water- there is no help for any of these things. Mary Austin.
  2. I did what we call dry for wet effects, some of the miniatures work and two animation sequences. John Hench.
  3. If I went out in killer heels and full makeup, blow dry the whole thing- anyone dressed up like that could be intimidating to men and women, really. It's so, look at me. Do you know what I mean? But I love women. Rachel Weisz.

Idioms of Dry:

  1. hang out to dry
  2. bleed sb/ sth dry
  3. dry up;

Adjectives for Dry:

  • voracious and evil,
  • more valuable,
  • voracious,
  • national retail,
  • good old,
  • wholesale and retail,
  • wholesale.