What is another word for bitter?

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[ bˈɪtə], [ bˈɪtə], [ b_ˈɪ_t_ə]

Related words: bitterness, bitterness in the mouth, bitterer, more bitter

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    When you think about bitter, you might think about things like coffee, spices, or soda. But what about bitters in drinkable form, such as beer or wine? Beer and wine are usually enjoyed with a range of flavors, but some people might enjoy a bitter taste as well. There are a few ways to get a bitter flavor in your drink. One way is to use bittering hops, which add a strong flavor and bitterness to your beer or wine. Another way is to use spices that have a bitter flavor, like cardamom. Bitter flavors can also be achieved through herb teas, like chamomile.

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    • bitar.

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