What is another word for sushi?

Pronunciation: [sˈuːʃi] (IPA)

Sushi is a Japanese dish with a global reputation for its unique taste, texture and presentation. However, not many people are aware of the different names that have been given to this iconic dish over the years. Traditionally, sushi is known as nigirizushi, which consists of small hand-formed balls of rice topped with various types of fish or seafood. Another common type of sushi is makizushi, which is made by wrapping rice and fillings in seaweed. Further types of sushi include temaki and uramaki. Despite the different variants of sushi, they all have one thing in common; their exquisite taste and flavors that penetrate the palate.

What are the hypernyms for Sushi?

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What are the hyponyms for Sushi?

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  • hyponyms for sushi (as nouns)

Usage examples for Sushi

sushi bars are all the rage.
"Sympathetic Magic"
Paul Cameron Brown
The Haunted Mansion was experiencing a major empty spell: the Snow Crash Spectacular parade had just swept through Liberty Square en route to Fantasyland, dragging hordes of guests along with it, dancing to the JapRap sounds of the comical sushi-K and aping the movements of the brave Hiro Protagonist.
"Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom"
Cory Doctorow
"The sushi part, yes," Matthew said with a light laugh.
Hutsko, Joe

Famous quotes with Sushi

  • Sometimes sushi is just superb, and other times there's nothing like a great big steak. It depends where your taste buds are at the time.
    Francesca Annis
  • After Nashville sushi and a long debate on Bob Dylan, we went into Woodland Studios at 10 pm that night for a look around, and jammed for 5 hours solid.
    Robyn Hitchcock
  • Although, I didn't really like sushi until I moved out to L.A.
    Scott Wolf
  • In general I love to eat anything. I enjoy anything that is well prepared, a good spaghetti, lasagna, taco, steak, sushi, refried beans.
    Martin Yan
  • In Mexico we have a word for sushi Bait.
    Jose Simon

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