What is another word for swindle?

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Swindle, which is a deceptive act intended to defraud or cheat an individual, has quite a number of synonyms that can be used in its place. The most commonly used synonym is "scam" which refers to a fraudulent scheme intending to trick someone into giving up personal information or money. Other synonymous words include "cheat," "rip off," "deceive," "con," "hoodwink," "trick," "fraud," "bamboozle," "dupe," and "fool." These words all have the same meaning as "swindle" and can be utilized in different contexts to imply the same wrongdoing. It's important to be careful and watch out for scams and swindles in order to protect oneself from being cheated or fooled.

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    A swindle is a scheme or fraudulent practice used to obtain personal gain. The term has several meanings, the most common of which is to deceive someone by misrepresenting the nature, quality, or value of something. This can be done for financial gain, through the use of a scam, or through some other form of coercion.

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