What is another word for synapse?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪnaps] (IPA)

A synapse is a junction between two nerve cells, where signals are transmitted from one cell to another. Synonyms for the word "synapse" include "neural junction," "neurochemical junction," "nerve junction," and "neurosynapse." The term synapse comes from the Greek words "syn" meaning "together" and "haptein" meaning "to clasp." Other synonyms for synapse include "nerve chemical synapse" and "neurotransmitter junction." These terms describe the same concept of the connection between two neurons that allows for the flow of information and transmission of signals. Understanding these synonyms can help to broaden one's vocabulary and understanding of neuroscience.

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Usage examples for Synapse

After a while, he came to consider it a game and might have gained amusement from it, were it not for the tiredness creeping in behind his eyes and the fact two dozen technicians somewhere down there were hoping to trip a fatal, hidden synapse.
"A Fine Fix"
R. C. Noll
These are transferred from neuron to neuron through the synapse.
James J. Walsh

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Synapse is a word describing the junction between two neurons.

Synapses are where neurons meet and send chemical or electronic messages to one another.

What is a synapse?

What is a neural synapse?

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