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Coincidence is an event that occurs by chance, without any apparent connection or planned outcome. For this reason, synonyms for coincidence often refer to unexpectedness and unpredictability. Some popular substitutes include serendipity, chance, luck, fortuity, happenstance, fate, and happenchance. These words all capture the essence of a coincidence in different ways, from the idea of happy discoveries to random occurrences that couldn't have been predicted. Other synonyms for coincidence include synchronicity, which implies an underlying cosmic connection, and fluke, which has a more negative connotation of something happening by mistake or chance. Ultimately, regardless of which synonym is chosen, coincidence will always convey a sense of surprise and unexpectedness.

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What is coincidence? In a nutshell, it is the occurrence of events that are not necessarily related or planned. It is often said that coincidence is just a matter of chance, but it is also something that can be interpreted in many ways. Too often, people take coincidence for granted and chalk it up to coincidence alone. What we often don't realize is that there is often a deeper meaning behind coincidences. Sometimes, coincidences are a sign from heaven or our guardian angels, telling us that we are on the correct path. While others may see coincidence as a sign of destiny.

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