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Juncture basically refers to a critical and significant time when decisive action is required. Some of its synonyms include a critical point, a crucial moment, a pivotal point, a turning point, or a decisive moment. Other synonyms include a crossroad, a crisis point, a climactic point, a tipping point, a flashpoint, or a breaking point. All these synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context of use. These synonyms mostly imply that a particular situation requires immediate attention and action since the consequences of not acting are dire. As such, one should always be ready to identify a juncture and act decisively for a favorable outcome.

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How to use "Juncture" in context?

The junction is a moment in time which is defined by the point at which two or more paths or roads meet. It is often the point at which people must decide which path to follow. In the context of writing, junctures can be the places where ideas meet, where sentences meet, and where stories meet. They can also be the points at which change or progression occurs. They are the places where the path forward becomes clear, or where the past intersects the present.

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