What is another word for tentacle?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛntəkə͡l] (IPA)

The word "tentacle" is used to describe the long, flexible, and often slender appendages of certain animals. Synonyms for tentacle include arm, limb, appendage, extremity, feeler, antenna, and tentacle-like structure. These terms often describe the physical characteristics of the limb or appendage, with "arm" and "limb" generally used to describe a longer and more substantial structure, while "appendage," "extremity," "feeler," and "antenna" tend to refer to smaller and more delicate protrusions. "Tentacle-like structure" is a more general term used to describe any flexible and elongated appendage that resembles a tentacle. Together, these synonyms provide a rich vocabulary to describe the diverse and fascinating anatomy of the animal kingdom.

What are the hypernyms for Tentacle?

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What are the hyponyms for Tentacle?

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Usage examples for Tentacle

I cut desperately at the fastenings that secured the weights; felt myself rising; felt my legs pull out from the clinging, slimy arms; looked down at them-a sea of bobbing smooth heads, of round, expressionless, black eyes; saw them waving their tentacle-like arms in fury; saw at last the dim, golden crest of the tallest tower below my feet; burst above the blessed sea-level and saw good blue waves slapping the bow of the brigantine drifting lazily down toward me.
"Us and the Bottleman"
Edith Ballinger Price
For she fills the place, most important in a country community, of a sensitive social tentacle-reaching out to touch with sympathy the stranger.
"Adventures In Friendship"
David Grayson
A black tentacle lashed out and one of the screens went blank.
"Alien Offer"
Al Sevcik

Famous quotes with Tentacle

  • A lot of my peer group think I'm an eccentric bisexual, like I may even have an ammonia-filled tentacle or something somewhere on my body. That's okay
    Robert Downey Jr.
  • Huey P. Newton is the baddest motherfucker ever to set foot inside of history. Huey has a very special meaning to black people, because for four hundred years black people have been wanting to do exactly what Huey Newton did, that is, to stand up in front of the most deadly tentacle of the white racist power structure, and to defy that deadly tentacle, and to tell that tentacle that he will not accept the aggression and the brutality, and that if he is moved against, he will retaliate in kind.
    Eldridge Cleaver
  • “I came," she said, "hoping you could talk me out of a fantasy. "Cherish it!" cried Hilarious, fiercely. "What else do any of you have? Hold it tightly by it's little tentacle, don't let the Freudians coax it away or the pharmacists poison it out of you. Whatever it is, hold it dear, for when you lose it you go over by that much to the others. You begin to cease to be.”
    Thomas Pynchon
  • “One can read too much into one’s own circumstances. I am reminded of one race who set themselves against us—oh, long ago now, before I was even thought of. Their conceit was that the galaxy belonged to them, and they justified this heresy by a blasphemous belief concerning design. They were aquatic, their brain and major organs housed in a large central pod from which several large arms or tentacles protruded. These tentacles were thick at the body, thin at the tips and lined with suckers. Their water god was supposed to have made the galaxy in their image. “You see? They thought that because they bore a rough physical resemblance to the great lens that is the home of all of us—even taking the analogy as far as comparing their tentacle suckers to globular clusters—it therefore belonged to them. For all the idiocy of this heathen belief, they had prospered and were powerful: quite respectable adversaries, in fact.” “Hmm,” Aviger said. Without looking up, he asked, “What were they called?” “Hmm,” Xoxarle rumbled. “Their name...” The Idiran pondered. “...I believe they were called the...the Fanch.” “Never heard of them,” Aviger said. “No, you wouldn’t have,” Xoxarle purred. “We annihilated them.”
    Iain Banks

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