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Access can be defined as the ability or right to use something, achieve entry into a place or obtain information. Synonyms for access include entry, admittance, entrance, ingress, passage, approach, way in and means of entry. Other synonyms related to the concept of accessibility are availability, openness, accessibility, obtainability, and usability. These synonyms encompass the notion of having the means or ability to access something. The term access is frequently used in connection with technology, where it relates to the ability to use or retrieve data from electronic devices or computer systems. Whether referring to physical or virtual access, the importance of accessibility cannot be overstated in today's world.

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    Access to justice is a fundamental right that all individuals should have. This right is essential to ensuring that every person has the opportunity to seek redress for wrongs they may have suffered. It is also instrumental in ensuring that justice is fair and that everyone has an equal opportunity to be heard. In a democracy, access to justice is a key foundation on which the rule of law rests.

    Individuals who have access to the courts are those who can afford to pay for legal services. This means that those who are unable to afford legal fees are less likely to have their grievances heard by the courts.

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