What is another word for benevolent?

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Benevolent is an adjective that describes someone who is kind, generous, and caring. However, if you're tired of using the same word over and over again, here are some synonyms to consider. Some of the synonyms for benevolent include compassionate, hospitable, philanthropic, charitable, magnanimous, considerate, and amiable. These words convey a similar meaning to benevolent and can be used to describe someone who is empathetic, understanding, and giving. When looking for ways to express your appreciation for someone's kind nature, try incorporating some of these synonyms into your vocabulary. They can help you describe someone in a more nuanced and precise way.

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What is benevolence?

Benevolence is a disposition characterized by feelings of goodwill and affection for others. It is often seen as a moral quality, and is often contrasted with harmful intent. The dictionary definition traces back to the Latin benevolens, meaning "kindhearted," or "friendly." Benevolence is often viewed as a requisite component of moral character, and is thought to be behind many charitable endeavours. It is however not confined to acts of charity- some people who are benevolent may simply enjoy spending time with others, or may simply enjoy spending time helping others.

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