What is another word for to no avail?

73 synonyms found


[ tə nˈə͡ʊ ɐvˈe͡ɪl], [ tə nˈə‍ʊ ɐvˈe‍ɪl], [ t_ə n_ˈəʊ ɐ_v_ˈeɪ_l]

How to use "To no avail" in context?

Ever since I can remember, I have had a deep-seated desire to travel the world. I have always dreamed of seeing the great expanse of the ocean and stepping foot on different continents. However, I have been unable to fulfill this dream due to various circumstances. Alas, I am still alive and looking to explore the world, but I am limited by the fact that I do not have the means to do so. It is a feeling I constantly return to and one that I find particularly frustrating. It feels as if my life has been held back by insurmountable obstacles, to the point that I cannot even attempt to take the first step.

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