What is another word for infertile?

Pronunciation: [ɪnfˈɜːta͡ɪl] (IPA)

Infertile means unable to reproduce or unable to produce offspring. Some synonyms for this word include barren, sterile, impotent, unfruitful, unproductive, desolate, empty, and arid. These terms can be used to describe an incapable land, animal or human being. The term "barren" refers to a land or animal that is unable to grow crops or produce offspring. Sterile, on the other hand, relates more to a medical sense and refers to when a human is incapable of producing offspring. Impotent can mean a medical condition or a lack of strength, as well as a medical condition. Overall, there are many different ways to describe the inability to reproduce or produce offspring.

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What are the opposite words for infertile?

Infertile is a term that refers to a lack of fertility or the inability to produce offspring. Antonyms for infertile include fertile, fecund, productive, fruitful, proliferous, and generative. Fertile is used to describe lands, animals, or people that are capable of producing offspring. Fruitful is synonymous with productive, implying that the object or person is capable of generating good results. Proliferous is used to describe an object or person that is capable of producing many offspring, while generative implies that something has the power to create. Overall, these antonyms highlight the different ways in which something or someone can be productive and capable of growth and life.

Usage examples for Infertile

When filling one of the larger machines, I always fill one tray in the smaller one so that when the eggs in the large one are tested, after the third day, there will usually be eggs enough in the small tray to replace those removed as infertile, so that the large machines are kept full during the entire hatch by the little one.
"Natural and Artificial Duck Culture"
James Rankin
But these jagged and arid hills include some not infertile valleys, every inch of which is put under crop by the crowded population.
"The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir"
Sir James McCrone Douie
I suspected that this egg was infertile and that the bird had had the sense to throw it out, but on examination it was found to contain a nearly grown bird.
"Ways of Nature"
John Burroughs

Famous quotes with Infertile

  • It’s six months since I did the interview with Jeremy Paxman that inspired this book, and British media today is awash with halfhearted condemnations of my observation that voting is pointless and my admission that I have never voted. My assertion that other people oughtn’t vote either was born of the same instinctive rejection of the mantle of appointed social prefect that prevents me from telling teenagers to “Just Say No” to drugs. I cannot confine my patronage to the circuitry of their minuscule wisdom. “People died so you’d have the right to vote.” No, they did not; they died for freedom. In the case where freedom was explicitly attached to the symbol of democratic rights, like female suffrage, I don’t imagine they’d’ve been so willing if they’d known how tokenistic voting was to become. Note too these martyrs did not achieve their ends by participating in a hollow, predefined ritual, the infertile dry hump of gestural democracy; they did it by direct action. Emily Davison, the hero of women’s suffrage, hurled herself in front of the king’s horses; she defied the tyranny that oppressed her and broke the boundaries that contained her. I imagine too that this woman would have had the rebellious perspicacity to understand that the system she was opposing would adjust to incorporate the female vote and deftly render it irrelevant. This woman, who left her job as a teacher to dedicate her life to activism, was imprisoned nine times. She used methods as severe and diverse as arson and hunger-striking to protest and at the time of her death would have been regarded as a terrorist.
    Russell Brand

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