What is another word for token?

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[ t_ˈəʊ_k_ə_n], [ tˈə͡ʊkən], [ tˈə‍ʊkən]

Synonyms for Token:

deputy (noun) guarantee (noun) indication (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Token:

  1. oaken, spoken, broken;
  2. unspoken, unbroken, outspoken;

Quotes for Token:

  1. I am most thankful to Almighty Providence for mercies received, and determined still to press the case into public notice as a token of gratitude. William Banting.
  2. I believe that people who do not vote in this country have no right to complain about the government that we are now living under. By the same token if you don't really vote in television, you're never going to have your way. Write a letter to the president of the network. Bill Bixby.
  3. The poet's perfect expression is the token of a perfect experience; what he says in the best possible way he has felt in the best possible way, that is, completely. John Drinkwater.

Idioms of Token:

  1. as a token ( of sth);
  2. in token of sth;
  3. by the same token