What is another word for disc?

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The word "disc" is often used to describe a flat, circular object, typically made of a hard material such as plastic or metal. While this term is commonly used, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a disc. Some of these synonyms include disk, plate, platter, saucer, and coaster. Depending on the context of the use of the word "disc" and what it is referring to, one of these other terms may be more appropriate. For example, the word "platter" might be more fitting when referring to a large plate used for serving food, while the word "saucer" might be more suitable when talking about the small plate used to hold a teacup.

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    The word "disc" is commonly used in reference to circular objects or computer storage media. However, it also has several antonyms that refer to different shapes, sizes, or functions. For example, a square, rectangle, or triangle could be an antonym for "disc" as they are shapes with four, six or three sides respectively, compared to the circular shape of a disc. Additionally, a cylinder or sphere could be considered as antonyms as they are three-dimensional shapes that are not flat like a disc. Finally, terms such as "file," "document," and "data" could also be antonyms as they refer to the digital information contained on a disc, rather than the physical disc itself.

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    Usage examples for Disc

    The circuit is made and broken by the revolution of the disc causing the pins to enter and leave the mercury.
    "Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy"
    John Ambrose Fleming
    He could mark them signalling to each other, then as two or three of them rose to peer forward, he saw on their foreheads and chests the blood-red disc, the ominous distinguishing mark of the Igazipuza.
    "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
    Bertram Mitford
    He glanced at the luminous disc of his watch.
    "The Orchard of Tears"
    Sax Rohmer

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