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The word "sign" is an important part of communication, as it is used in daily interactions to convey meaning and express emotions. There are many synonyms for "sign" that can be used depending on the context. Some common synonyms include indication, signal, gesture, symbol, cue, and marker. Each of these words has a slightly different nuance and can convey specific meanings. For example, "signal" implies a deliberate communication, while "gesture" suggests a nonverbal expression or movement. Using synonyms for "sign" can add variety and depth to writing or speech, and can help to more accurately convey the intended message.

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    Sign is a word that can have multiple meanings, including indication, symbol, gesture, or signal. Its antonyms could vary depending on the context of its usage. For example, a sign could mean an affirmation, but in that same context, its opposite would be denial, rejection, or disagreement. Similarly, a sign could denote something visible, so its antonyms in this case would be invisible, hidden, or obscure. Some more antonyms for sign could be silence, emptiness, or insignificance. In general, antonyms for the word sign would depend on the meaning and context of its usage.

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