What is another word for comprehensiveness?

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Comprehensiveness is defined as the extent or degree to which something is complete or covers all aspects. Some synonyms that can be used instead of comprehensiveness include thoroughness, comprehensivity, exhaustiveness, inclusiveness, and completeness. Thoroughness refers to the quality of being detailed and precise while comprehensivity implies the quality of being comprehensive or all-encompassing. Exhaustiveness implies that nothing is left out or overlooked while inclusiveness refers to the quality of being all-embracing and not excluding any part. Completeness refers to the state of being finished and including all necessary parts. All these synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence.

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    Antonyms for the word "comprehensiveness" refer to when things are not complete or all-encompassing. The opposite of comprehensiveness is partiality, which means having a limited perspective or biased view. Conciseness is another antonym for comprehensiveness and denotes brevity or the lack of detail. Narrow-mindedness is also an antonym, signifying a lack of openness to new ideas or an unwillingness to consider alternative viewpoints. In addition, superficiality is an antonym for comprehensiveness, meaning a lack of depth or thoroughness in the understanding of a subject. Ultimately, by understanding the contrasting terms of "comprehensiveness," we gain a better perspective on what it means to have a complete and thorough understanding.

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    The progress of science is marked by the growth of these conceptions in the direction of comprehensiveness on the one hand, and of refinement and delicacy on the other.
    "The Approach to Philosophy"
    Ralph Barton Perry
    The extraordinary comprehensiveness of Aristotle's philosophy makes it quite impossible to render here even a general account of it.
    "The Approach to Philosophy"
    Ralph Barton Perry
    "First and foremost," he declared, "the great juggler of Printing-House Square walks in like a sheriff and takes our comic effects;" and Newman's pencil added point to the comprehensiveness of the assault.
    "The History of "Punch""
    M. H. Spielmann

    Famous quotes with Comprehensiveness

    • Falling in love is like entering a promised land that offers hope and dreams. It is like a room filled with romantic ecstasy and intense comprehensiveness, putting everything in the shade. ( " Another empty room" )
      Erik Pevernagie
    • Whatever bitterness and hate may be found in the movements which we are to examine, it is not bitterness or hate, but love, that is their mainspring. It is difficult not to hate those who torture the objects of our love. Though difficult, it is not impossible; but it requires a breadth of outlook and a comprehensiveness of understanding which are not easy to preserve amid a desperate contest. If ultimate wisdom has not always been preserved by Socialists and Anarchists, they have not differed in this from their opponents; and in the source of their inspiration they have shown themselves superior to those who acquiesce ignorantly or supinely in the injustices and oppressions by which the existing system is preserved.
      Bertrand Russell

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