What is another word for overall?

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Overall is a versatile word that can be used in various situations and contexts to represent an all-embracing or comprehensive view. If you are searching for an alternative term to express the same meaning, there are a handful of synonyms that you can employ. Phrases such as in summary, all-inclusive, total, as a whole, on the whole, completely, generally, and comprehensively represent the word overall accurately. Other synonyms for overall may include universal, comprehensive, complete, inclusive, integrated, and global. These terms can be used depending on the context in which you are expressing your thoughts or ideas.

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How to use "Overall" in context?

An overall is a measurement of an object or garment that accounts for its width, height, and depth. An overall's simplicity makes it an ideal garment for budget-conscious shoppers as well as those who are looking for an easy-to-wear piece that can be dressed up or down. When choosing an overall, be sure to take into consideration the fabric and construction details, as well as the overall look of the garment.

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