What is another word for treacly?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈiːkli] (IPA)

The word "treacly" is often used to describe something that is excessively sentimental or syrupy in nature. Synonyms for this term may include "cloying," which refers to something that is sickening or excessively sweet; "maudlin," which suggests an overly emotional or sentimental reaction; and "syrupy," which connotes a sticky, gooey consistency or quality. Other possible synonyms for "treacly" might include "saccharine," "schmaltzy," "mawkish," "sentimental," "overly sweet," or even "gushing" or "effusive." Each of these terms can be used to describe a quality of sentimentality or sweetness that may be considered excessive or cloying in some contexts, depending on the audience or situation.

Synonyms for Treacly:

What are the hypernyms for Treacly?

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What are the opposite words for treacly?

Antonyms for the word "treacly" include words like acerbic, bitter, caustic, harsh, pungent, sour, sourish, tart, and zesty. These words all refer to something that has a strong, unpleasant taste, aroma, or tone. They are the opposite of treacly, which implies something that is overly sweet, sentimental or cloying. While treacly may be enjoyable in small doses, an excess of it can be sickly or saccharine. Antonyms like sour or bitter may be more refreshing or invigorating in their contrast, offering a counterbalance to treacly sweetness.

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Usage examples for Treacly

I feel he's hemmed in with such a sticky, treacly, simpering amount of youthful adoration generally, that I simply have to rag him for his good!"
"Winding Paths"
Gertrude Page
He watched the treacly pour of the yellow fog thickening about him.
S. R. Crockett
And he set the sail, and Eliza steered as well as she could in her treacly state.
"Oswald Bastable and Others"
Edith Nesbit

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