What is another word for syrupy?

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When it comes to describing a thick, sweet liquid, the word syrupy can be replaced with several synonyms. Some suitable alternatives include viscous, goopy, gummy, and glutinous. These words suggest a sticky, clingy consistency, like molasses or honey. Another option is treacly, which specifically references a cloyingly sweet nature. In some cases, the word saccharine can be used as a synonym, although it is more often used to describe a situation or attitude that is excessively sentimental or sappy. Ultimately, the best synonym for syrupy will depend on the context and the specific nuances of the word's meaning that need to be conveyed.

Synonyms for Syrupy:

How to use "Syrupy" in context?

The word "syrupy" originates from the early 1300s and referred to a thick liquid consistency. Over time, the word has been used to describe anything that is sweet and thick, such as molasses, jams and jellies, and even syrup-flavored coffee. Syrupy food often has a thick consistency and a strong flavor.

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