What is another word for schmaltzy?

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Schmaltzy is a term used to describe something that is overly sentimental or excessively emotional. Synonyms for this word include overly cloying, maudlin, corny, sappy, saccharine, treacly, and sentimental. These words all convey a sense of artificial sentimentality or emotional manipulation. Other synonyms that capture the essence of schmaltziness include trite, banal, hackneyed, and phony. Schmaltzy is commonly used in reference to sentimental music, movies, or stories, but can also be applied to sentimental behavior or speech. It is often used in a negative way to criticize something that is considered too cheesy or melodramatic.

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    Schmaltzy means overly sentimental or cheesy. Its antonyms could be terms such as understated, unemotional, restrained, or cynical. Something that is understated avoids being obvious or overtly emotional. Its antonyms include exaggerated, melodramatic, sappy, and saccharine. On the other hand, the term unemotional connotes a lack of emotionality, detachment or indifference. Its antonyms might include passionate, effusive, expressive, and exuberant. While restrained describes a certain type of moderation or control over one's feelings, being excessive or uninhibited is its opposite. Finally, cynical is a pessimistic or distrustful view of humanity, while hopeful or optimistic could be its antonyms.

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    Famous quotes with Schmaltzy

    • And if I have a strong point, it's that I like to believe it's not cheap or schmaltzy sentimentality.
      Toots Thielemans

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