What is another word for trouper?

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A trouper is typically defined as someone who is reliable, dependable, and resilient. This term can also be associated with those who have a lot of experience or expertise in a particular field. Synonyms for the word `trouper` can include: professional, veteran, performer, expert, adept, master, star, virtuoso, seasoned, and skilled. Individuals who are considered `troupers` are known for their ability to perform their roles flawlessly, whether in a theatrical play, musical performance, or any other area where success depends on their unwavering commitment to the task at hand. Ultimately, a `trouper` is someone who stays the course, demonstrates perseverance, and never gives up until the task is done.

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    Trouper is an occupational term for a person who travels extensively for work. In many ways, a trouper is an itinerant, an explorer of new places. As a traveler, a trouper is constantly seeking new sensations and opportunities to learn.

    In the early days of travel, the only way to see the world was to be a Starfleet officer. While citizens of Earth were limited by their planet's gravity, traveling beyond its gravitational bounds required a starship. So the first explorers were just regular people who decided they wanted to see more of the universe.

    Most of these early travelers were merchants, looking for new markets to exploit.

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