What is another word for true believers?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈuː bɪlˈiːvəz] (IPA)

True believers are individuals who have an unwavering faith in a particular ideology, doctrine, or religion. Synonyms for true believers include devoted followers, faithful adherents, staunch supporters, ardent disciples, zealous enthusiasts, die-hard believers, staunch believers, and committed advocates. These words all carry the connotation of an unwavering commitment to a particular set of beliefs. Other synonyms include dedicated believers, passionate crusaders, ardent evangelists, and fervent believers. Whether in a religious or secular context, true believers are characterized by their strong conviction and unwavering commitment to their beliefs, often becoming leaders, mentors, or examples for others to follow.

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What are the hypernyms for True believers?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for true believers?

True believers are individuals who deeply and fervently believe in something. But what about those who do not believe at all or have opposite beliefs? The antonyms for true believers could be skeptics, doubters, atheists, agnostics or cynics. Skeptics are those who question and doubt everything, while doubters may have a little faith and are uncertain about their beliefs. Atheists and agnostics do not believe in any God or higher power, while cynics may not only lack faith but also possess negative beliefs towards others' beliefs. Therefore, we can say that true believers have antonyms that range from those who question and doubt everything to those who reject the very idea of a belief system.

What are the antonyms for True believers?

Famous quotes with True believers

  • Santa is our culture's only mythic figure truly believed in by a large percentage of the population. It's a fact that most of the true believers are under eight years old, and that's a pity.
    Chris Van Allsburg
  • Bosses are no more inevitable in state and local governments than dictators are in national governments. They will arise and prosper, nevertheless, if true believers of democracy - citizens devoted to the democratic ideals - do not constantly oppose them.
    Charles Edison
  • And yet you see the weakness of external evidence-and outward miracles; they were not sufficient to make true believers, or to make the Israelites believe that Jesus was their promised Messiah.
    Elias Hicks
  • Just as the 99% of Soviet citizens who supported the Soviet regime in 1985 was no indication of what the people inside the USSR really thought, the army of true believers that we think we see in the Arab world is an illusion.
    Natan Sharansky
  • A sane may distinguish the true believers in him from the horde of followers by differentiating who TRULY likes his own or others shared thoughts from those who MERELY like the beautiful picture that his quote poster has got.
    Anuj Somany

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