What is another word for fanatic?

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A fanatic is someone who is obsessed or extremely passionate about something. Some synonyms for the word fanatic include enthusiast, zealot, devotee, maniac, extremist, and follower. An enthusiast is somebody who is very interested in a particular activity or subject, while a zealot is someone who has a fanatic and uncompromising devotion to a cause. A devotee is a person who is deeply committed to a particular religion, while a maniac is someone who is insanely enthusiastic about something. An extremist is someone who holds extreme views or takes extreme actions in pursuit of an agenda, whereas a follower is someone who adheres to the beliefs or directives of a particular leader or group.

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Fanaticism often spells trouble. For example, it can lead people to do dangerous things because they are so passionate about a cause or idea. It can also lead people to obsess over things to the point where they lose perspective on what is really important.

Fanaticism can be a good thing, too. Fanatics are often very passionate about their loved ones, their hobbies, or their beliefs. They are also usually very organized and dedicated to their goals. There are both positive and negative aspects to being a fanatic, but it is important to be aware of both before taking actions that could be harmful or damaging to oneself or others.

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