What is another word for adherent?

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Adherent is a term that refers to someone who supports a particular cause or belief system. There are numerous synonyms for this word, including supporter, follower, devotee, adherent, disciple, backer, fanatic, partisan, and advocate. These words all describe someone who is committed to something or someone and is willing to defend their views and beliefs. Whether it's a political movement, a sports team, or a religious group, an adherent is typically someone who is deeply invested in the cause they support. So, whether you prefer to use the word supporter or devotee, there are many ways to describe someone who stands behind something they believe in.

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The word "adherent" refers to someone who supports or follows a particular person, group, or ideology. The antonyms for "adherent" include words like "opponent," "dissident," "rebel," "heretic," "renegade," and "traitor." An "opponent" is someone who opposes a particular belief or cause. "Dissident" refers to a person who disagrees or rebels against the established beliefs or policies. "Rebel" refers to someone who rises against or refuses to accept authority or social norms. Similarly, a "renegade" is a person who has abandoned their former beliefs or allegiance. A "traitor" is someone who betrays or goes against their own group or country.

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Usage examples for Adherent

His Excellency, that stalwart adherent to Jeffersonian principles, slowly arose from his desk and greeted the subcommittee with outstretched hands.
Durham, Andrew Everett
Even her elder daughter, who was for some years a fanatical adherent of her mother's doctrines, lately married an artillery-officer.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
Occasionally the crusts remain firmly adherent for a long time, or they may be raised and loosened by the formation of matter underneath.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle"
U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler

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