What is another word for rebel?

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The word "rebel" refers to someone who opposes authority or breaks the rules. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe a rebel, including renegade, dissident, insurgent, revolutionary, and iconoclast. A renegade is someone who has abandoned their previous beliefs or allegiance. A dissident is a person who speaks out or takes action against the government or ruling party. An insurgent is someone who rises up against those in power. A revolutionary is a person who seeks to overthrow the existing political or social system. An iconoclast is someone who challenges traditional or popular beliefs. All these words have similar meanings but are used to describe different types of rebels.

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    A rebel is someone who resists authority, convention, or traditional values. The word 'rebel' implies a spirit of rebellion and defiance, which has a negative connotation, it is often viewed as a troublemaker, lawbreaker, or anarchist. However, there are several antonyms for the word 'rebel' that have a positive connotation. These antonyms include words such as conformist, follower, traditionalist, loyalist, and conservative. These words carry a sense of unity, obedience, and respect for authority, and are often used to describe people who adhere to rules and principles, and follow established practices and beliefs. These antonyms are significant as they highlight the opposite behavior of a rebel, thereby emphasizing the importance of teamwork and social harmony.

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    She did not rebel against the bitter yoke of the picturesque: it was not worth while; she was merely used to remark, with her customary forcible elegance of phrase, that if her mother chose to spend money on making her look a guy, it was her look out, though Miranda considered it a pity that she could not get better value than that for her outlay.
    "The Furnace"
    Rose Macaulay
    "There were money and supplies shipped to the Mexican rebel leader," he said, "and probably the vessel may have been chased, and put in among the islands of the Caribbean to get away, and was wrecked here.
    "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island"
    Cyril Burleigh
    He would have life always like this, with that great blue ball to roll upon the floor, with that brown beard, near now to his hand, to clutch, with none of that hideous soap-in-the-eyes-early-to-bed Philosophy that he was becoming now conscious enough to rebel against.
    Hugh Walpole

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