What is another word for separatist?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛpəɹˌatɪst] (IPA)

The term 'separatist' is often used to refer to individuals or movements that seek to separate from a larger political entity. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe such individuals or groups, such as secessionists, separatarians, autonomists, and independentists. Secessionist typically refers to individuals or groups who aim to break off from a larger political entity and form their own independent state. Separatarians, on the other hand, may still seek separation but may also be seen as advocating for greater political or cultural autonomy within a larger state. Autonomists similarly advocate for greater regional or local control, but not necessarily complete separation. Independentists are those who seek complete independence and self-determination for their region.

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Antonyms for separatist include words such as "uniter," "integrator," "connector," "collaborator," "reconciler," and "harmonizer." These antonyms imply the opposite of the separatist ideology, which seeks to divide and create disunity. A uniter brings people together and fosters cooperation, whereas separatists create walls of division. An integrator blends people and ideas into a unified whole, while a separatist seeks to divide and exclude. A connector is one who brings people and ideas together in a network of relationships, while a separatist seeks to isolate and fragment. A reconciler brings together opposing factions and fosters agreement, while a separatist promotes conflict and division.

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Usage examples for Separatist

Nor was it till nearly a score of years after the passage of the Missouri Compromise bill that the separatist spirit began to identify itself for good with the idea of the maintenance of slavery.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt
Previously to that there had been outbursts of separatist feeling in different states, but always due to entirely different causes.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt
The intensely national and anti-separatist tone of Jackson's declaration,-a document that might well have come from Washington or Lincoln, and that would have reflected high honor on either,-though warmly approved by Benton, was very repugnant to many of the Southern Democrats, and was too much even for certain of the Whigs.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt

Famous quotes with Separatist

  • We don't want to deal with a separatist party.
    Helen Clark
  • And the separatist terrorist organization, PKK, had easy access to Turkey to, inside Turkey.
    Bulent Ecevit
  • For the sake of national integration in India, it is imperative to set the record straight, to reverse this process of absolutizing any minor difference in identity into a separatist claim to a nation-state. In the specific case of the Sikhs, the obvious fact should be made clear, that Sikh identity is integrated in a hierarchy of differentiation within Hinduism : it is a Bhakti sect within the broad Vaishnava tradition within Sanatana Dharma.
    Koenraad Elst
  • Of course I have nothing to do with racism and xenophobia, and I have my life-story to prove it. Given the democratic slump in Europe, I am convinced that a measured and carefully monitored immigration is necessary. My hometown is host to people from every country, and I have a lot of foreign friends, mostly Indian and Chinese. So, I am not at all against immigrants, and I have personally helped some to integrate or to get naturalized as citizens of my country. But my criticism of Islam stands: Islam is intrinsically separatist and hostile to neighbour communities.
    Koenraad Elst

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