What is another word for truly?

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[ tɹˈuːli], [ tɹˈuːli], [ t_ɹ_ˈuː_l_i]

Truly is an adverb that is often used to express sincerity, accuracy, and genuineness. However, if you find yourself using truly too frequently, it can become repetitive and monotonous. Therefore, to spice up your language, here is a list of synonyms you can use for truly - sincerely, genuinely, honestly, verily, indeed, certainly, positively, surely, truthfully, accurately, precisely, accurately, authentically and in fact. Choosing the right synonym can add depth and flair to your writing, making it more engaging and interesting. So, next time you're considering using truly, why not try one of these synonyms instead?

Synonyms for Truly:

How to use "Truly" in context?

Depending on how you define "truly," there may be a few things you believe that are simply not true. For example, you might truly believe that the sky is blue, or that the sun rises in the east. In these cases, your belief is based on empirical evidence, or what you can see and experience in the world.

However, there are other things that you might truly believe that are not based on any empirical evidence whatsoever. For example, you might truly believe that there is a god, or that the etc.

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