What is another word for thoroughly?

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Thoroughly is a word that denotes completeness and perfection in achieving an objective or task. There are various synonyms for the term thoroughly, such as extensively, comprehensively, completely, and entirely. All these words indicate that something has been done entirely or wholly without any half-efforts. Other synonyms include meticulously, scrupulously, diligently, and painstakingly, which indicate that something has been done with great care and attention. Thoroughly also has antonyms that contrast with its meaning, such as partially, incompletely, incomprehensively, and inadequately. These synonyms can be useful when writing or speaking, and they serve to add variety and expressiveness to the language.

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What are the opposite words for thoroughly?

Antonyms for the word "thoroughly" include hastily, superficially, lightly, incompletely, negligently, cursorily, carelessly, and negligibly. These words essentially negate the sense of comprehensively taking thorough and careful steps while performing a task or an action. For instance, if you "thoroughly clean" something, you make sure that every tiny detail is cleaned; whereas, if you "lightly clean" something, you may quickly dust or wipe the surface without paying attention to the small crevices or underneath the objects. Therefore, choosing the right antonym for "thoroughly" is crucial as it has the power to either undermine or enhance the quality of any task or action.

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