What is another word for fairly?

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[ f_ˈeə_l_ɪ], [ fˈe͡əlɪ], [ fˈe‍əlɪ]

Synonyms for Fairly:

eastern poison oak (adverb) equally (adverb) justly (adverb) moderately (adverb) nobly (adverb) quite (adverb) rather (adverb) really (adverb) reasonably (adverb) respectably (adverb) rightfully (adverb) somewhat (adverb) eastern poison oak moderately Other synonyms: rather reasonably squarely

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Rhymes for Fairly:

  1. squarely, rarely, barely;
  2. unfairly;

Quotes for Fairly:

  1. I'm a fairly undisciplined writer. Neil Gaiman.
  2. People think that if you look fairly reasonable, you can't possibly act, and as I only care about acting, I think beauty can be a great handicap. Vivien Leigh.
  3. I never abandoned either forms or freedom. I imagine that most of what could be called free verse is in my first book. I got through that fairly early. Howard Nemerov.

Adjectives for Fairly:

  • asian industrial,
  • strict middling,
  • next agricultural,
  • beautiful, wondrous,
  • big and noisy,
  • hot and sweet,
  • bright and terrible,
  • irish national,
  • precious little,
  • hot,
  • big,
  • bright,
  • beautiful,
  • loud, large,
  • happier gentle,
  • big charitable,
  • cruel, scornful,
  • quiet wise,
  • bright enchanting,
  • young and virgin,
  • new and golden,
  • memorial hospital,
  • annual agricultural,
  • recent agricultural,
  • national agricultural,
  • excellent good,
  • great international,
  • more romantic,
  • great human,
  • mighty fine,
  • great french,
  • great central,
  • loud,
  • young,
  • cruel,
  • new,
  • happier, hopeless,
  • slim and sweet,
  • great triennial,
  • many immense,
  • happier,
  • slim,
  • other big,
  • next annual,
  • great annual.