What is another word for unfeasible?

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[ ʌnfˈiːzəbə͡l], [ ʌnfˈiːzəbə‍l], [ ʌ_n_f_ˈiː_z_ə_b_əl]

Unfeasible is a word used to describe something that cannot be done or is unreasonable. When looking for synonyms for the word unfeasible, you might consider words like impractical, impossible, unworkable or unrealistic. Other possibilities may include words like impossible, infeasible, unachievable, or impracticable. These words all convey the idea that something is not possible or not practical under the given circumstances. Whether you are searching for a word to describe a project that cannot be completed or a plan that is not feasible, using synonyms for the word unfeasible can help you to more accurately communicate your meaning.

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Unfeasible is a term used to describe something that is impossible or impractical to accomplish. It is often used to refer to projects or plans that are not economically or physically feasible. Antonyms for unfeasible include terms like feasible, achievable, doable, practical, possible, and reasonable. These words indicate that something is attainable or achievable with proper planning, resources, and effort. Another antonym for unfeasible is realistic, which suggests that a proposal or idea is grounded in reality and has a high likelihood of success. The opposite of unfeasible is a term that denotes something that is within reach or can be accomplished with reasonable effort and resources.

Usage examples for Unfeasible

In view, however, of the superior strength of the Federal horsemen such a project was unfeasible, and retreat was manifestly the only alternative.
"Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War"
G. F. R. Henderson
Her complete subjugation being unfeasible, she had to be shut up rigorously to her immediate dominions on the eastern side of Central Europe, in order to leave the path clear for Bismarck, by war or subterfuge, to absorb, under a system of nominally vassal States, the whole of the rest of Germany into the system of the Prussian monarchy.
"German Culture Past and Present"
Ernest Belfort Bax
As it took them between four and five hours to reach their destination, and as Aurora chattered all the time, with little intervals of talk by Gerald, to report their conversation is unfeasible.
"Aurora the Magnificent"
Gertrude Hall

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