What is another word for no go?

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[ nˈə͡ʊ ɡˈə͡ʊ], [ nˈə‍ʊ ɡˈə‍ʊ], [ n_ˈəʊ ɡ_ˈəʊ]

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    How to use "No go" in context?


    The phrase "no go" zone is often used to describe areas where carrying out normal activities can be dangerous or even impossible. This can be due to a high crime rate, gangs, or illegal activity.

    In some cases, "no go" zones are areas where the safety of the public is not a priority. For example, areas near military bases or Chernobyl may be off limits to the public. This is due to the risk of nuclear accidents or the presence of contaminants.

    In other cases, "no go" zones can be restricted because of religious or cultural beliefs.

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