What is another word for unusable?

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[ ʌnjˈuːzəbə͡l], [ ʌnjˈuːzəbə‍l], [ ʌ_n_j_ˈuː_z_ə_b_əl]

Synonyms for Unusable:

How to use "Unusable" in context?

When it comes to things we can't use, it can feel a little bit like we're stepping out of our comfort zone. But the truth is, there are plenty of things in our lives that we can't or don't want to use-whether it's because they're broken or just kind of pointless. But sometimes, even things that seem unusable can have a potential use. For example, a broken lamp can be used to create a makeshift table lamp, or a pair of old shoes can be Turned Into espadrilles. Basically, there's always a way to make something usable if we're willing to look for it.

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