What is another word for uniformly?

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[ jˈuːnɪfˌɔːmli], [ jˈuːnɪfˌɔːmli], [ j_ˈuː_n_ɪ_f_ˌɔː_m_l_i]

Uniformly is an adverb that refers to things happening in a consistent and even way. There are several synonyms for the word uniformly, which includes consistently, evenly, regularly, systematically, and uniformly. All of these words express the idea of something being the same throughout, with no variation or exceptions. Consistently suggests a behavior that remains unchanged over time, while evenly refers to something occurring in a consistent manner. Similarly, regularly implies frequent occurrences, while systematically implies a methodical and orderly process. Finally, uniformly suggests strict adherence to a standard or a set of rules. These synonyms can help to convey a sense of consistency and predictability in our communication and writing.

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How to use "Uniformly" in context?

The word "uniformly" is a word meaning "in the same way." This word is used to describe how things are positioned or how something looks. For example, the flowers in the garden are uniformly arranged, and the paint on the wall is uniformly paint.

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