What is another word for similarly?

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Similarly is often used as a transitional word to show that two things are alike in some way. However, using the same word repeatedly can be repetitive and dull. There are multiple synonyms for similarly that you can use to keep your writing engaging and varied. These include likewise, comparably, correspondingly, parallelly, equally and uniformly. You can also use the following phrases to express similarity: in the same way, in a similar vein, in the same vein, in much the same way, in like manner, in parallel and in imitation of. By using synonyms, you can make your writing more interesting while still conveying similarities between different subjects.

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How to use "Similarly" in context?

Similarity is one of the most important concepts in linguistics. It is the basis for many linguistics concepts such as synonymy, antonymy, meronymy, hypernymy, hyponymy, and polysemy. These concepts govern the relationships between words and how they are used in language. For example, the word dog is a synonym for cat. similarly, the words ball and hoop are both polysemous, meaning they can refer to different things.

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