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Unify is a powerful word that means to bring together or merge two or more things into a single, cohesive unit. But there are many other synonyms for unify that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some of the most common synonyms for unify include merge, integrate, fuse, blend, combine, consolidate, and unite. Each of these words has its own subtle nuances and variations in meaning, but they all share the same basic idea of bringing together disparate elements into a more coherent whole. Whether you're discussing a political movement, a creative project, or a business strategy, using a diverse range of synonyms for unify can help you communicate your ideas more effectively and clearly.

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How to use "Unify" in context?

Unity is a powerful concept that can be found in many forms both in the natural and the artificial worlds. In many ways, it is the key to ensuring that everything works together as a cohesive unit. In the physical world, unity can be demonstrated through the principles of cohesion and adhesion. In the world of chemistry, Unity refers to the property of a substance that causes it to behave as a single entity. In the world of video games, Unity is the principle that allows games to be played on a single screen, with the players virtually sharing the same space.

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