What is another word for coherently?

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Coherently is a word that means to express ideas or thoughts in a clear and logical manner. Some synonyms of the word "coherently" include logically, consistently, sensibly, intelligibly, comprehensibly, and lucidly. These words all describe the ability to communicate ideas in a way that makes sense and is easily understood by others. Coherently also implies a sense of order and structure to the way ideas are presented, which can be reflected in synonyms like cogently, organized and systematically. Being able to communicate coherently is an essential skill in many situations, especially in academic, professional, and personal contexts.

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How to use "Coherently" in context?

The word "coherent" is derived from the Latin word cohere, meaning to bind together. When we coherently pursue a goal, we work together to support and achieve it. This is why being coherent is so important: it allows us to work together as a team and achieve our goals.

Being coherent means being organized and having a clear plan. We need to have a clear idea of what we want to achieve and be able to work together to support each other. If we don't have a clear plan, it's difficult to be coherent and work together.

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