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Unlawfulness refers to the state of being unlawful or illegal. There are several synonyms for the word unlawfulness, including illegality, criminality, impropriety, wrongdoing, lawlessness, immorality, and unethical behavior. These words describe actions or situations that violate laws, rules, or moral standards. The word illegality specifically connotes the violation of laws, while lawlessness refers to the absence of law and order. Impropriety and unethical behavior imply a violation of social or moral codes of conduct. Criminality refers to activities that are punishable by law. Overall, these synonyms highlight the seriousness of actions that go against laws, rules, and moral standards and the negative consequences that come with them.

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How to use "Unlawfulness" in context?

There are a variety of ways in which something can be unlawful. In common law, a violation of a law can be a criminal act. While there is no single definition of what constitutes a criminal act, generally speaking, criminal activity includes any action that could be punishable by law. It can also include any omission to follow a legal order or to comply with a law.

Other ways in which something can be unlawful include actions that are considered to be harmful, destructive, or injurious to someone else. They can also include actions that are anti-social or disruptive. Finally, something can be unlawful if it contravenes a statutory or administrative requirement.

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