What is another word for infraction?

Pronunciation: [ɪnfɹˈakʃən] (IPA)

Infraction, in general, refers to a violation of a rule, law, or code. Synonyms for the word infraction, include: violation, transgression, breach, infringement, offense, trespass, infringement, noncompliance, against the law, contravention, disobedience, wrongdoing, misuse, misbehavior, and illegality. These words carry similar meanings and can be used interchangeably in a particular context, depending on the situation's specifics and intensity. Other synonyms may also include outlawing or lawlessness, which expresses a more severe state of noncompliance or breaking the law. Using synonyms can enhance a text's impact and avoid repetition of a term, giving writers a diverse and varied vocabulary to choose from to effectively communicate their message.

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Infraction, which means a violation or breaking of a rule or law, has several antonyms. One antonym is adherence, which means sticking to a rule or policy. Another antonym is obedience, which pertains to complying with an authority's directives. Lawful behavior is also an antonym of infraction and refers to following laws and regulations. Abiding is another antonym that indicates conformity with a particular rule or principle. On the other hand, compliance refers to the act of following a set of rules, laws, or guidelines. Hence, it is crucial to understand the various antonyms of infraction to have a better understanding of its meaning.

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Usage examples for Infraction

The most of the diseases to which ducks and fowls are subject can usually be traced to some infraction of conditions, and of course are always more or less under the control of the careful operator.
"Natural and Artificial Duck Culture"
James Rankin
Before answering, the barn boss eyed de Spain very carefully to see how the wind was setting, for the pony's presence confessed an infraction of a very particular rule.
"Nan of Music Mountain"
Frank H. Spearman
The few privateers that Minister Genet fitted out before President Washington became aroused to his infraction of the principles of neutrality were quickly manned, and began sending in prizes almost before they were out of sight of the American shore.
"American Merchant Ships and Sailors"
Willis J. Abbot

Famous quotes with Infraction

  • Every law is an infraction of liberty.
    Jeremy Bentham
  • Such a prostitution of judicial power can never occur again under the shadow of the British law, for no jury within the wide circle of the empire would submit to such an infraction of their privilege, even if a judge could be found daring enough to attempt it.
    Joseph Howe
  • It is an enduring truth, which can never be altered, that every infraction of the Law of nature must carry its punitive consequences with it. We can never get beyond that range of cause and effect.
    Thomas Troward
  • Every law is an infraction of liberty.
    Jeremy Bentham
  • Every law is an evil, for every law is an infraction of liberty: And I repeat that government has but a choice of evilsHe ought to assure himself of two things; 1st, that in every case, the incidents which he tries to prevent are really evils; and 2ndly, that if evils, they are greater than those which he employs to prevent them.we see evil of one kind issue from evil of another kind; evil proceed from good and good from evil. All these changes, it is important to know and to distinguish; in this, in fact, consists the essence of legislation.
    Jeremy Bentham

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