What is another word for legitimacy?

Pronunciation: [ləd͡ʒˈɪtɪməsi] (IPA)

The word legitimacy refers to something that is valid, legal, or acceptable. It is often used to describe the coherence and correctness of an entity. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably to convey similar meanings. These include authenticity, legality, credibility, validity, sanction, authorization, and rightful. All of these words suggest a sense of legality, truthfulness, and authorization that give a person or thing the right to exist or operate. These synonyms can be used when discussing the legitimacy of an organization, argument, claim, or government.

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Usage examples for Legitimacy

There in Warden Forest, living as the daughter of a woodman, who was himself ignorant of her legitimacy, was the girl.
"Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir"
Charles Garvice
It has been so constantly repeated, however, that Sir Roger means to marry this lady,-some say they are already married,-that I have had careful abstracts made of the registry, and every detail duly certified which can establish your legitimacy,-not that I can bring myself to believe your father would ever raise that question.
"That Boy Of Norcott's"
Charles James Lever
The question of the legitimacy of this imagination is another matter.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry

Famous quotes with Legitimacy

  • I think that the legitimacy of the court would be undermined in any case if the court made a decision based on its perception of public opinion.
    Samuel Alito
  • I really would have been stupid not to have done it. It was also a film that was actually happening, I mean, Miramax was doing it, and it had a kind of legitimacy to it. And once I read the script, I was there.
    Adam Arkin
  • No matter how you cut it, this real debate on personal accounts is about the legitimacy of Social Security; it's not about the solvency of Social Security.
    Joe Biden
  • Drafting a constitution is only the first step. The constitution has to be granted legitimacy by open discussion and a fair, representative referendum.
    Emma Bonino
  • To suggest that Quebecers willingly give up the chance to exercise fully their influence within the federal government would be to betray the historical role Quebec has always played in Confederation, and to undermine the legitimacy of their pride and ambitions.
    Kim Campbell

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