What is another word for unexplained?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌnɛksplˈe͡ɪnd] (IPA)

Unexplained refers to events, phenomena, or circumstances that cannot be understood, rationalized, or explained by any known cause or reason. Synonyms for unexplained include mysterious, inexplicable, enigmatic, baffling, puzzling, ambiguous, obscure, unfathomable, incomprehensible, and inscrutable. These words convey the same sense of an event or situation that is difficult or impossible to comprehend. Some synonyms have slightly different connotations, ranging from a sense of wonder and awe to one of frustration or confusion. Regardless, all these words suggest a sense of something unexplainable, leaving us questioning what we know about the world around us.

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What are the hypernyms for Unexplained?

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What are the opposite words for unexplained?

Unexplained refers to something that is not understood, clarified, or accounted for. Opposite to that, explained implies that a situation or concept has been elucidated or accounted for, leaving no doubts or uncertainties. Explicit, clear, comprehensible, and understood are some antonyms for unexplained, as they point towards a clear understanding or explanation. Other opposite words include known, accountable, rational, sensible, and justified, which signify that the matter in question is accounted for or has a valid reason. By using antonyms of unexplained, it is easier to describe situations that are easily understood or justifiable, and this can help in communication, writing, or research.

What are the antonyms for Unexplained?

Usage examples for Unexplained

For some reason, unexplained to himself, he felt that it wasn't right for him to look at her; nor wise; nor quite pleasant in its effect.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
Perhaps you would rather leave everything unexplained, as it was before; quite without my knowledge and will.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
Her hand slowly withdrew from his, it fell back on to her lap and he felt her whole body draw, as it were, into itself, as though it had come into contact with some terror, some unexplained alarm.
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Unexplained

  • Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.
    Barbara Bush
  • Papa continually emphasizes how much remains unexplained. With the other psychoanalytic writers, everything is always so known and fixed.
    Anna Freud
  • Perhaps, more importantly, I think that most human beings realise only a fraction of the true potential of their minds, so the spiritual or mystical, the things which remain mysterious or unexplained have always drawn me to include them in any scheme for a novel.
    Rose Tremain
  • We, therefore, urge President Muhammadu Buhari to be dogged in the fight against corruption and the elimination of waste in governance through strengthening the institutions that fight corruption, adopting a truly zero tolerance approach to corruption and waste of public funds and more importantly, pass into law the offence of unexplained wealth in Nigeria and ensure that offenders are properly dealt with. The offence of unexplained wealth (also called possession of unexplained wealth) will penalize people for possessing wealth disproportionate to their known lawful sources of income if they cannot provide a satisfactory explanation for this.
    Chika Onuegbu
  • This kid may be the key not just to all human potential, but to all spiritual unexplained paranormal phenomena.
    Chris Carter (screenwriter)

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