What is another word for addressed?

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Addressed is a verb that means to speak to or write to someone. Synonyms for addressed are debated, discussed, tackled, spoken to, talked to, approached, discussed, handled, treated, and referred to. All of these words could be used to convey that a person has spoken or written to someone about a particular topic. In addition, synonyms for addressed can also include terms like confronted, challenged, and tackled as they imply a more direct or confrontational approach to a subject. Whether you are writing an academic essay or speaking in a formal setting, using a variety of synonyms for addressed can help you add variety to your language and emphasize your points more effectively.

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How to use "Addressed" in context?

There are many things we address as we go through our lives. We may address someone as a friend, or we may address someone as a colleague. We may address a problem or an opportunity. We may address an issue we are facing.

When it comes to addressing others, we have several options. We may address someone by their name, or we may use a title. We may address someone as an adult, or we may address someone as a child. We may address someone in a formal or informal setting.

When it comes to addressing an issue or a problem, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.

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