What is another word for unswerving?

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Unswerving refers to something that is steadfast, unwavering and resolute. It implies a quality of stability, consistency, and reliability. There are several synonyms for the word unswerving, including unwavering, constant, steady, fixed, firm, unflinching, and determined. Additionally, steadfast, stalwart, and unyielding are also synonyms that describe someone or something that is unwavering in their beliefs, actions, or intentions. These words all convey a sense of strength and dependability, and they are often used to describe individuals who possess unwavering conviction and determination. Whether one uses the word unswerving or any of its synonyms, it is clear that they refer to something that is resolute and unwavering.

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    To be unswerving in one's beliefs or convictions is to persist in a course of action despite opposition or resistance. It is also to be tenacious in carrying out a goal.

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