What is another word for dedicated?

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Dedicated is a word that suggests commitment, loyalty, and perseverance. It has many synonyms that connote similar meanings, such as devoted, committed, faithful, resolute, steadfast, and loyal. Each of these words carries with it a sense of unwavering devotion to a cause, person, or activity. Other synonyms for dedicated are determined, persistent, unfaltering, unflagging, and tireless, which describe someone who is focused and unwavering in their pursuit of a goal. Similarly, passionate, enthusiastic, and zealous are synonyms that suggest a deep and abiding love for something or someone, which is the driving force behind one's dedication. Finally, diligent, assiduous, and conscientious are synonyms that describe someone who is devoted to a task, works hard, and pays attention to detail to achieve a desired outcome.

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How to use "Dedicated" in context?

Dedicated people often put in long hours, days and weeks at work in order to make their goals a reality. They may be willing to put in extra effort to ensure that their job is done correctly and on time. They may also be the kind of person who never takes a break and is always working on new projects. Dedicated people are often very successful, and their work ethic is admired by others.

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