What is another word for continued?

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[ k_ə_n_t_ˈɪ_n_j_uː_d], [ kəntˈɪnjuːd], [ kəntˈɪnjuːd]

Synonyms for Continued:

continued (adjective) abided (verb) existed (verb) lived (verb) perpetuated (verb) persevered (verb) Other synonyms:

Related words for Continued:

  • follow up.

Rhymes for Continued:

  1. discontinued;

Quotes for Continued:

  1. And I continued to grow until I was 25 years old. Julius Erving.
  2. I've continued to always keep in mind having a healthy does of that in Hollywood, now that I am part of the system and obviously have to follow the way the system works- you still have to have that crazy determination. Renny Harlin.
  3. While I recognize the great value and importance of prescription drugs and strongly support a continued U. S. focus on pharmaceutical research and development, our nation's seniors cannot be asked to subsidize the drug costs of other wealthy industrialized nations any longer. Michael K. Simpson.

Adjectives for Continued:

  • least,
  • long.