What is another word for wain?

Pronunciation: [wˈe͡ɪn] (IPA)

The word "wain" is often used to describe a large, strongly-built wagon used for carrying heavy goods. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe a similar type of vehicle or transport. Some of these include "cart", "carriage", "chariot", "buggy", "coach", and "conestoga". Each of these words can be used depending on the type of region, usage, or time of the transport. For example, "conestoga" can be used to describe a type of covered wagon that was commonly used by pioneers in North America, while "carriage" is often reserved for more elegant, decorative modes of transportation. Regardless of which synonym is used, each conveys a sense of strength, durability, or capability.

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Usage examples for Wain

Painted in 1821, exhibited in the French Salon in 1824, "The Hay wain," with two other smaller works, which had been purchased from Constable by a French connoisseur, aroused extraordinary interest in Paris, and had a potent influence on French landscape art.
C. Lewis Hind
There is also the testimony of William Brockedon, who, on his return from the Salon, wrote thus to the painter of "The Hay wain."
C. Lewis Hind
I have quoted these letters at length, because they are first-hand authorities, and because they state, with simple directness, the effect of Constable's pictures at the Salon of 1824. The two smaller works that accompanied "The Hay wain" we may disregard for the moment, and ask what is there in "The Hay wain" that it should have so startled the French painting world, and that it should have marked an epoch in the history of landscape art.
C. Lewis Hind

Famous quotes with Wain

  • Now the "rosy morn appearing" Floods with light the dazzled heaven; And the schoolboy groans on hearing That eternal clock strike seven:- Now the waggoner is driving Towards the fields his clattering wain; Now the bluebottle, reviving, Buzzes down his native pane.
    Charles Stuart Calverley

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