What is another word for Watteau back?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒtə͡ʊ bˈak] (IPA)

A "Watteau back" is a term used to describe a style of back drapery in women's clothing that originated in the 18th century, inspired by the French Rococo painter, Jean-Antoine Watteau. This style is characterized by a cascade of fabric that falls from the shoulders and gathers at the waist, adding an elegant and graceful touch to the overall silhouette. While "Watteau back" is a commonly used phrase, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this particular style, including "draped back", "waterfall back", and "flowing back". Each term captures the essence of the unique drapery and adds an air of sophistication to any garment.

What are the opposite words for Watteau back?

The term "Watteau back" refers to a style of dress or a type of chair that has a curved, sloping back. Antonyms for this term would include words such as straight, flat, and angular. A piece of furniture or clothing with a straight back would have the opposite of the "Watteau back" style. Additionally, a chair or other item with an angular or boxy back would also be an antonym for "Watteau back." The term "Watteau back" is derived from the French rococo painter Jean-Antoine Watteau, who often depicted women wearing dresses with this distinctive back style in his paintings.

What are the antonyms for Watteau back?

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