What is another word for gratify?

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Gratify means to give pleasure or satisfaction to someone. However, there are multiple synonyms for gratify that can be used depending on the context of the situation. For instance, "satisfy" can be used to indicate the fulfillment of a need or desire. "Please" can be used in cases where one wants to give pleasure or make someone happy. "Fulfill" can be used to mean to bring to completion or to achieve a desired goal or purpose. "Delight" can be used to indicate a feeling of pleasure or happiness, while "indulge" can be used to mean to satisfy a person's desires or appetites. Using these synonyms can help in adding variety and expression to one's communication.

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    Synonyms for Gratify:

    How to use "Gratify" in context?

    Synonyms for "gratify"

    satisfy; gratify; content; placate; calm; allay; fulfill; gratuitous; liberal.

    What does "gratify" mean?

    "Gratis" is Latin for free, so gratify literally means "to make free." A satisfying experience or event can gratify someone because it offers happiness, contentment, or relief. Something that is gratuitous, or given without expecting anything in return, can also gratify someone. The act of placating someone, or calming them down, can also be seen as gratifying.

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