What is another word for undermine?

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When it comes to the synonyms for the word "undermine," there are many options to choose from. Some similar ideas that come to mind include weaken, sabotage, cripple, and erode. Additionally, terms such as damage, harm, hinder, and subvert can also be used in place of undermine. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, though they all share the common idea of reducing effectiveness or strength. Whether you're looking for a more poetic or academic term, there are plenty of synonyms for undermine out there!

Synonyms for Undermine:

How to use "Undermine" in context?

Undermining means to exhaust the strength, stability, or viability of. When we undermine something, we are trying to break it down so that it no longer functions effectively. We may undermine someone's confidence, destroy their reputation, or sow discord among the members of a group. We may do this intentionally or inadvertently.

When we undermine someone or something, we are creating conditions that make it more likely that it will fail. The more we undermine someone or something, the more likely it is that it will collapse. The impacts of undermining can be many and varied, and can have serious consequences.

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