What is another word for wieners?

Pronunciation: [wˈi͡ənəz] (IPA)

Wieners, also known as frankfurters, are a popular type of sausage enjoyed by individuals worldwide. Synonyms for wieners include hot dogs, franks, and dogs. Other variations may include sausages made from pork, beef, and turkey. In certain regions, wieners may also be referred to as red hots, footlongs, and bratwursts. These sausages are commonly eaten at sporting events, backyard barbeques, and street vendors. While the name may differ depending on the region, wieners remain a beloved and classic food choice for individuals of all ages.

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Usage examples for Wieners

Penny laughed, and with her arm linked in his, glided on to the fire where a group of noisy young people were roasting wieners and boiling coffee.
"The Cry at Midnight"
Mildred A. Wirt
She has no comfort whatsoever, but the doctor has the solace of his kommers, so let us wish that his beer may be forever flat, his wieners mildewy, and the mustard mouldy like the horrible nest of young Hilsenhoff.
"The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton"
Wardon Allan Curtis

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