What is another word for divert?

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Divert is a commonly used term to describe taking one's attention away from something and redirecting it elsewhere. Its synonyms, however, offer a wealth of opportunity in the way one can express the act of diverting. Some synonyms include: - Distract: to take attention away by providing an alternative focus. - Deviate: to move off course or steer in a different direction. - Amuse: to entertain or occupy with something enjoyable. - Entertain: to engage or amuse someone, usually to distract or divert attention. - Divagate: to wander or digress from the main point. - Redirect: to guide or lead in a different direction. In conclusion, synonyms present a wide range of options for expressing the simple act of diverting, whether it be through distraction, deviation, amusement, or redirection.

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How to use "Divert" in context?

Divert is a word that means to change or turn away from what is expected. In English, it usually means to divert or redirect attention from a topic or person. Divert can be used as a noun or a verb.

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